Styling 101

Styling 101

Dry your hair either naturally or with a blowdryer and your fingers until it is almost dry. The style of your hair comes the minute it dries on the brush. All the rolling and spinning of the brush you are doing when your hair is soaking wet is a waste of time and energy! How many of you start that way and quit before your hair is totally dry? Tsk Tsk…

When your hair is just damp, take the appropriate size brush and using small sections, let the hair dry completely on the brush using tension to keep it smooth. Hold the dryer so it is pointing down to keep the hair as smooth as possible. If your dryer has a cool button, use it just before you let go of the brush. That helps set the style! If you like a lot of volume, dry your damp hair upside down focusing on the roots, applying tension to them as you dry. Once the roots are dry, flip over and continue smoothing with the brush. If you have natural wave and you want to enhance it, scrunch dry your hair with your fingers. Hit the blowdryer on one section of hair until it is very warm then scrunch. You can also twist small sections of hair and hit each section until it’s dry for a nice beachy look! For curly hair, if you can’t let it dry naturally, use a diffuser which lets the heat out but doesn’t blow the hair.

Product really does work! Some are better than others so find one that works for you! Sea Salt Sprays are good for that beachy/wavy look. Use curl enhancing products for curls, smoothing products for frizz, volume products for big hair. And don’t be afraid to use more than one product! You can absolutely use a root lifter and a smoother, for instance…  Generally speaking, once you dry curly hair you want to leave it alone.  The more you mess with it the frizzier it gets!  However, if your product dries too stiff, you can gently break it up by scrunching with your fingers.

You should apply your product after you have half way dried your hair. If you put it on soaking wet hair, the water kind of dilutes it. Also, leave the product in for a few minutes before you start blowdrying.

Velcro Rollers are my favorite stying aid for volume in long hair! The bigger they are the better! They give you big sexy hair and make layers lay beautifully! They also smooth the hair as well as a flat iron but let you keep the volume!  You only need 5 to 7 of the biggest rollers. Put them on completely dry hair, hit each roller with hair spray then hit each roller with your blowdryer just to heat them up. Leave them in as long as you can, letting them cool. Remember, Big rollers are for volume, smaller ones will create curl.

There are many different techniques to using irons. It’s fun to youtube and watch…
Make sure your hair is completely dry before using a curling or flat iron. Steam is not good for hair! I know they make a “wet to dry” flat iron. I am not a fan.

Did you know that most of us use bobby pins wrong? The wavy side is supposed to go down! It helps grab the hair better! Also. for those of you with fine/thin hair, spray the bobby pins with a little hairspray before you put them in. That also helps them hold better!

And there you go!  Get out there and Sparkle!