Oily Hair Care

Oily Hair Care

There are lots of things you can do to control truly oily hair. The first thing is probably the hardest… Don’t shampoo your hair every day! Shampooing every day strips too much oil from your scalp and your scalp wants to produce MORE oil to compensate! Bite the bullet and skip every other day for a couple of weeks and you will probably notice a difference. On the days you skip, try brushing your hair for a few minutes to spread those scalp oils down to the ends where they are needed most! Those oils are a very good natural moisturizer! You can also use a dry shampoo on the days you skip if you just can’t stand it.

When conditioning your hair, don’t put the conditioner on your scalp. Obviously it’s not needed there. Just put it on the bottom half. And choose a shampoo/conditioner that is specifically made for oily hair. The same holds true for styling products. Some are just too heavy and have too many oils in them that will exaserbate the problem. If you use a lot of product on a daily basis, a good clarifying shampoo every so often will help strip excess build up out but be careful not to do it too often as it can also be too drying.

Lukewarm water is best when shampooing and for showering in general. I know, we all like those steaming hot showers but they can be very drying to hair and skin and will just make those scalp oils want to produce more!

Another hard one… Keep your hands out of your hair! Your hands transfer oils to the hair every time you touch it!

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